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I'm Patricia Mae Latag..17 years old.Born on September 25,1994.
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So this is currently whats happening in The Phillippines, these are just a few pictures that were on my timeline.

Prayer For Flood Victims

Lord, I pray for our friends who are trapped in their homes again, seeing their possessions washed away, some of them on their rooftops wet, cold, and hungry. I pray that you be their Rescuer, Provider, Comfort, and Shepherd. I also pray for ministries (like ours) who are now reaching out to the victims, that you give us the opportunity to be God’s Love to them at this hour of need. In Jesus name, Amen! http://fb.com/brotherbosanchez

I’m a Filipino and as much as I want to help rescue others..all I can do is pray..let’s all pray for everyones safety..


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